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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is LIJSL?
  • LIJSL is a league that operates under the banner of the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association, ENYYSA. ENYYSA is one of 15 National State Associations that are members of Region 1. There are 55 National State Associations and four regions which make up the United States Youth Soccer Association.

    League play

  • How is league game play determined?
  • The games committee of LIJSL takes on the task of placing teams in divisions. The division coordinator with input from the supervisor places teams where they will be competitive with the other teams in their division. The alignments are reviewed by the Saturday and Sunday Directors, the Boy's and Girl's Chairmen and the Games Chairmen. The schedules are then produced and given to each club. The club then assigns a field and time to their home games for each weekend's play.
  • How does the league place the first-season travel teams into divisions?
  • When clubs register their travel teams for the first time, registrars should designate which team may be eligible for the major or other divisions. Normally there are eight to ten teams in a division and teams that have a good record during their intramural years are placed in the major division. Also, large clubs, due to the size of their intramural program, have a multitude of skilled players, and are often chosen. The club registrar should indicate on the team registration form if the team is an A, B or C team for appropriate placement. Once the major divisions are chosen for Nassau and Suffolk, the remaining teams are placed competitively by geographic area.
  • So you won your division, now what?
  • Congratulations! Each division winner receives medals and patches for their players and coaches. They are to be picked up at the league office Monday thru Friday 9 am - 3 pm. Awards are available after your supervisor has called in the winner. In cases of ties each team will receive awards. Please note that due to limited space, the league office only has the awards available for a limited time.

    U14 teams

  • What about teams with younger participants?
  • U14 Teams will play on Sundays in the Fall and Spring season.
    What does SP mean on my schedule- If under field on your schedule it says SP1, SP2, etc. it means you are playing at the Peter C. Collins Soccer Park in Plainview.

    LI Challenge Cup

  • What is the LI Challenge Cup?
  • The cup is a single elimination knock-out tournament that is held each spring in addition to regular league play. Teams play over a series of months and are grouped based on their current spring division alignments; the major division is normally composed of the 20 teams from the top two divisions of league play. The alignments from division 3 and down make up the intermediate to minor brackets.

    State Cup

  • What is the schedule for the Challenge State Cup?
  • Under 12 teams begin their Challenge State Cup tournament games in the fall. Under 12 teams participating in the Challenge State Cup also begin their games in the fall. All other age groups including the Under 12 Open Cup begin their games in the spring. Please refer to your state cup rulebook concerning when your state cup roster is frozen and you can no longer add or delete players. You may register online at www.enysoccer.com for state cup. LIJSL teams are only required to put one name into their online roster.

    Open and Challenge State Cup

  • What are the rules for Open and Challenge State Cup?
  • The Open Cup can be entered by any LIJSL team. But teams that were in LIJSL divisions 1 and 2 the previous spring must enter the Open Cup. The Challenge Cup is for those teams that played in LIJSL Division 3 or lower in the preceding spring season. The winner of the Open State Cup in age groups U12 to U19 go on to compete in the Region One tournamentheld in early July. The winners of the Region 1 tournament U14 and up go on to the USYS National Finals at the end of July.

    Premier Leagues

  • What are the premier leagues? Is my team eligible?
  • Teams that are successful in LIJSL league play, state cup, regional and tournament play, may apply for admission to a premier league. Eastern New York President's League is the first level of premier competition. The next level is the Northeast Sub regional League under the direction of Region One. The Region One Directors League is the top level. Each premier league has criteria for accepting teams, the higher the level the more competitive and stricter criteria. Premier leagues are intended for more serious teams who are willing to travel to other areas and states for competition.
  • What rules govern intra-league player transfer?
  • In December 2002 the LIJSL club presidents approved the 10 business day transfer in order to stabilize teams that had registered for the season. They felt that once a player made a commitment to play for a team they should follow through. In previous seasons many teams were forced to disband after registration due to the fact that many players were transferring just before the season started leaving the team short of players and unable to field. This was unfair to the players left behind on the team that now had no place to play. Below describes transfers that require a 10 business day wait and which do not. The 10 business day transfer rule applies to all teams registered with LIJSL.

    1. Anytime a player registers for a team during the league's fall or spring club registration period (end of June beginning of July for the fall season, end of December beginning of January for the spring season) whether it is a tournament team or a team participating in LIJSL or Premier league play if said player changes teams they are considered a transfer player.
    2. If a player registered for a team during the leagues club registration period (end of June beginning of July for the fall season, end of December beginning of January for the spring season) that player is considered registered and rostered to a team. In order for the player to change teams after the registration period the club the player is transferring to must submit a player transfer form to the LIJSL office with all appropriate documentation. The timeline for submission of the player transfer form is September 1st for the fall season and March 1st for the spring season (forms are not accepted before dates published). Once the form has been submitted there is a 10 business day waiting period from the date of submission for the transfer to be completed and a new pass to be issued, the player may continue to play for their original team during this time. Players transferring from one team to another within the same club (they are transfer players) do not have to file a transfer form and do not have a 10 business day.


  • What is the Player Development Program?
  • Try-outs are held yearly for boys and girls ages U11 to U17. LIJSL Player Developmental Program U10 tryouts are also held yearly. The program hosts Developmental and Pre-Developmental programs for younger players as well. Competitions are during the summer. No underage player may tryout.

    How do I know if LIJSL PDP tryouts or practices are cancelled?

    For tryouts you must appear and you will be told at the field. For practice you must email or call your team administrator. You can also check www.LIJSoccer.com for an announcement or look for an e-mail from your program administrator.

    The League Office

  • What are the responsibilities of the League office?
  • The office staff has various responsibilities concerning the operations of the league. However, the office staff cannot answer your questions concerning game changes, division alignments, LI CHALLENGE CUP game changes, arbitration decisions etc. those questions must be directed to the appropriate committee.


  • How do I learn more about camps?
  • The New York Red Bulls will be the exclusive provider of the Long Island Junior Soccer League Community Camps. The summer camps will be branded as Red Bulls Skills Camps and will be offered at select locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties, and LIJSL member clubs will have the opportunity to become host organizations. For more information on the new partnership e-mail training@newyorkredbulls.com or call 1-888-370-7287. For a further explanation and description of the camps click here. For registration info and locations click here.

    Coaching Academy

  • What is the coaching academy?
  • Since the six certification levels (NSCAA Youth National, LIJSL C, B, A, NSCAA National, and Advanced National) are structured to be progressive in nature, and due to the amount of course material, the Coaching Academy now requires that at least one season lapse before a coach can proceed to the next level of certification. We feel very strongly that all coaches must digest and use the newly acquired material with their teams for at least a season and then proceed to the next level as their team develops. EXEMPTIONS: Your instructor can recommend that a coach move to the next level of certification based on past playing experience and/or coaching experience. In all cases, permission must come from the Coaching Academy.

    College Bound Players

  • What is the College Bound Player Program?
  • A program offered to assist seniors in choosing a college.


  • When is the LIJSL convention?
  • The LIJSL annual convention is held the first or second full weekend in March. There are exhibitors, clinics and mandatory coaches meetings-something for everyone. Admission is free.

    Hall Of Fame

  • What is the Hall of Fame?
  • Nominations for the Hall of Fame are accepted in November. Inductees are honored at the Convention.

    TopSoccer Special Children's Program

  • What is the Top Soccer Special Children's Program?
  • For the child who deviates from the average or normal child in mental, physical, or social characteristics to such an extent that he or she requires a modification of educational practices and services in order to develop to his/her maximum capacity.

    Scholarship Committee

  • Are there scholarships available for LIJSL players?
  • LIJSL awards scholarships each July to outstanding high school senior student athletes.
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