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LIJSL Coaching Academy Hosts NSCAA National and Advanced National Courses


LIJSL will be hosting an NSCAA National Diploma and Advanced National Diploma Course on July 10/17: 2:45-10:00pm; July 11/18: 8:00am-10:00pm; July 12/19: 8:00am-3:30pm at Hicksville High School Division Ave., Hicksville, NY 11801.  Coordinator: Bryan Alcantara, bryan@nycosmos.com; (516)455-7167. To register for the National Diploma course click here. For more National Diploma course information click here.  To register for the Advanced National Diploma course click here. For more Advanced National Diploma course information click hereIntended for top level coaches, these programs include intensive classroom and on-field training.  In a nod to past success at this location, this is the fifth straight year that the Long Island Junior Soccer League has been selected as a host site for these high level courses.

 “The NSCAA carefully chooses the locations where these national courses are taught, so it’s a great honor for the league to be selected as a host site,” said LIJSL Coaching Academy Director John Fitzgerald.  “What's unique about the way the program is being run on Long Island is that these courses are routinely held as week-long "residential" courses where coaching candidates live at the site for the entire course.  We offer the same courses in a "non-residential" format, where the candidates attend two Friday evenings and complete weekends.  This is done to accommodate those who can't take time off from work or can’t commit for a whole week, yet still desire a higher level of coaching certification that they otherwise couldn't get.”

The LIJSL is a well-established league with a very large membership base.  This, in addition to the respect the league has garnered around the country for its operations and numerous programs, like the coaching academy, plays a big role in the awarding of these courses.

“We had over 100 candidates for the courses last year,” Fitzgerald said.  “Most are from Long Island, but there are a good group of coaches from outside our immediate area, too.  We’ve sold out the program for the last five years, and I think the fact that we are one of the largest youth leagues in the country, with a progressive coaching academy program, gives us the kind of reach you need to fill these courses. 

“I think we’ve also done a good job of running the program in recent years, and the facilities in Hicksville are ideal,” he added.  “We have air-conditioned classrooms, larger meeting areas, like the auditorium, eating areas, plenty of fields that are in excellent condition, and they are all in close proximity to one another.  I think the combination of all those factors makes us an ideal host, and we’re honored to do it every year.”

The NSCAA is the largest soccer coaches' organization in the world.  Best known for its Coaching Education and National Convention, the NSCAA has plenty to offer coaches of all levels and from all areas.  The NSCAA Coaching Academy offers a wide range of educational opportunities to enhance the knowledge of soccer coaches. 


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