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Sound Beach Tornadoes Fundraiser Shows Support for Teammate


On Saturday, the members of the Sound Beach BU12 Tornadoes, with the help of parents and other club volunteers, held a fundraiser in support of one of their teammates, Vincent Maronski, who suffers from Immune Deficiency Disease.  After an entire day at the Shoreham-Wading River High School soccer fields, they raised over $1000 for the Immune Deficiency Foundation.

“Vincent is our goalie and you could not find a more unselfish young man,” said Tornadoes head coach Jim Canellys.  “When we needed a goalie a few seasons ago, Vincent volunteered and has worked tirelessly to make himself the best goalie he can be, With all he goes through, and no matter how he is feeling, whether he had a treatment that day, or whether he is feeling down because he is due for a treament,  he hardly ever takes a day off.   Along with our regular training he attends a session of goalie training as well each week as well.   He is also never without a smile on his face.” 

So as much as the day was about raising awareness about the disease and raising funds for IDF, this was also a day about team bonding and friendship.  Vincent’s immune deficiency requires regular white blood cell treatments to maintain a normal lifestyle.  The hope is that through the fundraiser, the Tornadoes will not only raise funds for research and services, but also raise awareness of this all too common disease and the great work being done by the IDF to help those who are afflicted. 

“Our boys are a very kind and close knit group who love to spend time together and Vincent is in the middle of everything,” Canellys said.  “They have begun to understand what Vincent is dealing with and seeing how he refuses to let it slow him down is an inspiration and a great life lesson to all of them.  “”

The team will also be taking part in the Walk for Primary Immunodeficiency at New York City’s Foley Park on October 26th to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life of persons with Primary Immunodeficiency.  If you missed the fundraiser and would like to contribute, visit PrimaryImmune.org to find out more about the disease and how you can help.



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