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Why Should You Play in the LIJSL?


Why should you play in LIJSL?  Here’s why. 

This past Saturday, the Valley Stream Soccer Club kicked off their TOPSoccer program.  After several months of planning, their director Azzerdine called me and said they were ready to launch.  They had 10 players registered, but as they started, they just kept coming.  All in all, they added a total of 22 new TOPSoccer players!  Do you think they filled a need in their community?

But that’s not why you should play in LIJSL. Here’s why.

About five minutes into the day, club president Tim Graham came to me in a bit of a panic and said, ”what do we do with a kid in a wheelchair?”

I turned to him and said, “We push!” 

So, minutes later Tim could be found being the “legs” for the newest player in his club!

But that’s still not why you should play in LIJSL. 

For the second time in two weeks, this played out as West Babylon SC kicked off their program last weekend, bringing the total number of clubs with programs to 32, with two more in the works.  The weather was perfect as the 22 new players and 30 new “Buddies” took to the pitch.  I had the privilege off watching it with their families; parents, grandparents , siblings, aunts and uncles.  We cheered , we laughed, we cried, because that’s what happens when you see it for the first time and you see the impact it has on these kids and their families.

The reason this program works starts with the support and resources provided by  USYSA and ENYYSA.  But the real reason it works is because people like Tim, and the rest of the club presidents and their board members in your local, community-based, non-profit soccer clubs make decisions based on the needs of the kids and their families in their communities, and not their bottom lines. 

That, along with unbelievable support for programs like this, is why the Long Island Junior Soccer League is the right place to play.   


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