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Soccer and Scholarships FAQ's

Pat Grecco, the former long-time chairperson of the LIJSL Scholarship Program, was not only instrumental in securing grants and donations to the program, but has been an invaluable resource for Long Island soccer players and student-athletes when it comes to seeking out financial aid options and collegiate soccer opportunities. She runs her own company called College Bound Athlete, and has been a soccer volunteer for nearly 30 years, serving as long time Director of College Bound Player programs which involved Exceptional Senior Games, College Forum, and College Workshops. Pat has helped numerous student athletes find collegiate opportunities through soccer. Her philosophy is that "There is a program for everyone to play in at the collegiate level."

If you have further questions, or would like more information regarding the college recruiting process, contact Pat at soccervol@aol.com.

  • How can soccer help you with your college search?
  • The obvious is, of course, getting a scholarship. Yes this true, but more important, being a soccer player can actually help you get into a school that you might not normally get into. For example, perhaps your SAT is 1150 but you're looking at schools that require a 1250. The coach recruiting you can speak with Admissions about your abilities as a soccer player and what you can bring to the school in the way of athletic talent.
  • When do I begin?
  • The best time to begin is early in the Spring of Junior year, for some earlier. NCAA will not allow college coaches to contact you by phone or in person until you complete your junior year but you can write and call the coach if you wish. The Coach can mail you college information during your junior year.
  • How do I know the coach wants me?
  • Usually what will happen is the Coach will write you, then begin to call you, perhaps come and see you play and finally offer you an official visit to his school. You are allowed five official visits to schools so be sure you're serious about each school you visit.
  • How can I get the coach to see me play and when?
  • This is called networking, you can write, FAX, call and give coach your ODP, Select, Club and tournament schedules. Mention your team, jersey number, dates, field locations, etc. Perhaps you will be selected to play in various showcase games and tournaments. These are very good opportunities to be seen by collegiate coaches. Varsity play is very important but remembers that college coaches are busy coaching at that time frame. Also, go to camp during the summer at your top choice schools. In this way, coach can see you up close and personal for a week. Be sure and tell the coach you want to be evaluated for possibly playing in his or her program.
  • I have a learning problem, not too strong a student, can I play in college?
  • Yes of course, there are many opportunities for students that require extra help; this is not a problem at all.
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