Long Island Junior Soccer League

Club Development Day Rules

Match Conditions
Rules & Guidelines

  1. Length of match conditions – 15 to 20 minutes each. Teams will play up to three (3) separate match conditions over the course of the Club Development Day
  2. Ball Size – #3
  3. Format, Field, And Goal Size
    °4-v-4 Play, No GKs
    °Field Size: 25yds x 35yds
    °Goal Size: 4’ x 6’
  4. Referees
    °The games will be managed by the coaches or LIJ staff.
    °There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for any type of dissent or abuse (physical or verbal) towards the staff or coaches who are managing the games
  5. Equipment
    °Appropriate equipment must be worn at all times
    ° No player may play while wearing any type of cast, even if covered
    ° Please do not allow players to play with cleats that may be dangerous to opponents
    ° All players must wear shin guards that are fully covered by socks
    ° Players may not wear jewelryTaped earrings ARE NOT acceptable. Hard clips or beads may not be worn in the hair
    ° Uniform shirts should be of non-conflicting colors. Pinnies can be used if there is a conflict between teams
  6. Players
    °Must be registered (LIJSL/ENYYSA) intramural player within club program, NO EXCEPTIONS
    °If a team is short of players, teams can play the same number of players on the field or the team who is short players can borrow from the other team
  7. Injuries
    ° When a player gets hurt, we must stop the game immediately.  The injured player must come off the field.  A substitution can be made for the injured player. The injured player may return through a normal substitution.  The match restarts with a drop ball at the place where the ball was at time of injury
  8. Substitutions
    °Substitutions may be made on the fly
    °If a substitution is being made due to injury, both teams may substitute at that time
  9. Kick-Ins
    °When ball is played out over the touchline, restart play with a Kick-In for the opposing team.  Defending team should be appropriate distance away (3yds)
  10. Restarts
    ° All free kicks will be indirect, there are no penalty kicks. Corner kicks and goal kicks will be taken from the area of the respective goal or corner. Kick offs to start play or after a goal is scored will be taken from the half way line and the opposition should be 3yds from the ball on their own half of the field
  11. Build-Out Lines – Goal Kicks
    °To encourage possession a “first touch is free” approach for goal kicks should be observed. Defending team’s players should not pressure goal kicks until that player takes a touch. The defending players should be asked to retreat halfway down the field when it’s a goal kick
  12. Offside
    °Only blatant offside will be called. It is expected that players do no goal-hang in this type of environment
  13. Spectators
    °Players and coaches on same touchline
    °All spectators MUST remain in the area designated for spectators
    ° Coaches are fully responsible for the behavior of their team’s spectators
    ° Reminder: All coaches, players, and spectators are member-guests of LIJSL
    ° Please respect Soccer Park rules: No smoking, pets, or adult beverages allowed. Kindly place any garbage in designated receptacles
  14. Our overall objective is to promote a high energy, fun filled match condition for the players to maximize the experience
  15. Concerns or issues of any kind are to be addressed through your HOME club’s coordinator who will speak with LIJSL on site staff

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